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Professional Development for Teachers and Paraprofessionals

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Instructional Practices

The 21st Century School has caused most instructional practices of the past to become obsolete or change drastically.  Are our Christian Schools effectively preparing our children to navigate successfully in this current environment and the system of the world?  To learn more about courses and the workshop-style 21st Century professional development provided by our consultants, contact a representative.

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Unpacking the Standards

National and State Standards are guiding what our students are expected to know, understand, and do by the end of every school year and at every grade level. For faith-based schools, it's important to know that organizational standards are more than just obtaining accreditation.  The collaboration between top educators from all academia has determined what's educationally acceptable for students to be college and career ready.  To ensure teachers and students are adequately prepared for meeting the rigor of the Biblical worldview and performance-based standards, contact a representative to learn more.

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Modifying Instruction

Building on the research of others in the field of education, we seek to assist educators in designing instruction that meets the needs of all students. Engaging and interactive instruction must consider the interest, readiness levels, and abilities of all students within the learning environment. Our methods and instructional practices are proven effective for  struggling and high-achieving students.   Contact a representative to learn more.

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Formative Assessments

Formative assessments allow an instructor to collect, synthesize, and analyze assessment data for the purpose of assisting with making instructional decisions about their students.  These ongoing assessments aid in monitoring the educational progress of students within the classroom.   They are also very instrumental in guiding the collaborative planning within the learning environment and community of a school. Contact a representative to learn more.

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