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Ms. Kandice Long, B.A.


Ms. Kandice Long is a life-long resident of Prince George’s County, in the state of Maryland. As a college student, she attended Maryland Eastern Shore and Bowie State University.  Ms. Long graduated Cum Laude from Bowie State University and received her Bachelor of Science degree.  She also received Bowie’s Presidential Leadership Award for her tireless efforts in improving the quality of student affairs and future career opportunities. 


Upon graduating from Bowie State, Ms. Long immediately began her professional career at From the Heart Christian School.  There she became known as Sis. “K” Long, the second sister of the Long Sister trilogy.  Ms. Long has more than ten years of experience as an elementary Reading/English Language Arts (RELA) teacher and a middle and high school English teacher.      


As an English teacher who has taught all grade levels, Ms. K. Long developed a love for teaching and leadership while serving in her church’s school.  She often states, “This school is a training ground and we must be ready to enter the world as soldiers for the Lord.”  For the past six years, she has served as a professional development trainer and the Professional Learning Community (PLC) Leader for middle school.  She has also worked extensively with the elementary and high school English PLC Leaders to ensure horizontal and vertical alignment of curricula, effectively taught coherent instruction and consistent academic language across grade levels.


Ms. Kandice Long also has extensive knowledge which includes but is not limited to 1) Writing and developing English curricular based on national and state standards, 2) Utilizing Understanding by Design (UbD) templates to write performance-based Unit Plans and Lessons, 3) Teaching concepts and skills identified in the College and Career Readiness Standards, and 4) Effectively teaching engaging content for improving critical and analytical skills of students.


Students taught by Ms. Kandice Long have graduated from From the Heart Christian School and furthered their educational goals by attending some of the most prestigious colleges in the world.  Among those colleges are Yale University, MIT, Notre Dame, Fordham University, Hampton University, Spelman College, and so many others.

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