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Consultation with School Administration

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Distance and Blended Learning Needs

Distance Learning is the "new normal" for educating our children since the pandemic. Our Virtual Learning Needs Assessment will assist in determining your instructional needs for a flipped classroom,  virtual classes only, and/or a customized professional development plan for all teaching staff.

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Administrative Procedures

Consultants are ready to assist administrators in developing administrative procedures or guidelines for ensuring academic courses, course descriptions, and graduation requirements meet state standards for educating students.

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Our consultants are ready to provide effective training on analyzing and interpreting the essential knowledge and skills found in national, organizational and state educational standards.

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Co-Teaching is a research-based practice, generally executed in a shared classroom, by a Special Education and General Education teacher.  Our consultants provide training on the co-teaching models, how to structurally collaborate, and how to share the responsibilities of planning, instructing, and assessing struggling students' needs. 

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Curriculum Mapping

Many schools use curriculum mapping programs such as  Curriculum Trak.  Certified Consultants are ready to assist you in writing your own standards-based curricular and getting it into Curriculum Trak or your own school's software.  

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