"Raising the bar and changing lives"

My Sincere Belief is that...

"All students can meet the Christian School Outcomes and Educational Expectations once they are provided with quality instructional leadership, effectively trained teachers, challenging and engaging instruction, and a safe and enriching learning environment." 


- Susie A. Long, Ed.D.

Hands Raised



Authentically and Respectfully Valuing Culturally Responsive Teaching


Never before in the history of our nation, has our knowledge, wisdom, and collaboration been more necessary and imperative.  Our classrooms must engage students in conversations that ensure they know how to view these historic and life-changing events that are changing the status quo of their lives.  As educators, we cannot be overly sensitive or fearful of providing culturally relevant instruction that meets the needs of all students we teach. 


Long Educational Consultants, LLC stand with and support those who collectively work together to ensure a diverse, equitable, and inclusive education for all students that enter our doors.    We join with every educator who seeks to provide quality education to current and future generations, especially those who are under-served and undermined, in both private and public education.

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